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Arc-Trol 2
Category: Die Protection

ARC-TROL 2 is the most flexible, easy to use Die Protection System available, has six PLS outputs. This compact unit has all output relays self-contained and measures just 7.6" w x 8.7" h x 5.5" d. Mechanical Relays are Standard and solid state are optionally available. Hot keys for easy access to Die Protection, PLS, Brake Wear information, Position/RPM display and Counter. Numeric Keypad with 2 line Vacuum Fluorescent Display. Separate outputs for counters, brake fault, motion and general fault.

12 User Programmable Sensor Inputs

Seven Input Types

  • Falling Edge
  • Rising Edge
  • Pulse
  • Position Hi
  • Position Low
  • Normally Open
  • Normally Closed

Learn Mode for Sensor Inputs
This feature allows the user to see exactly at what angles the various sensor inputs are activated.

Sensor Names
22 predefined common names as well as custom names that can be programmed by the user.

Slug Detection Functions
This allows the user to set a number of strokes without sensing a signal before generating a fault. Multiple windows for each input possible a total of 17 windows are possible.

E-Stop or Top Stop Outputs
User selectable for each die protection input.

Engagement Angle
This allows a point in the down stroke to be set after which an E-Stop fault will not be initiated until the press reaches 190 degrees to minimize the potential to stick the press on the bottom.

Top Stop Angle
This allows for the setting of the angle at which the top stop output is initiated. this is also the angle at which the counters change.

Four 6 Digit Counters
There are two presettable counters for Batch and Quality. These counters are present to a predetermined value and down count to zero. A separate Output Relay is available for the Quality counter. The Batch counter initiates a top Stop output. A Tool counter counts the number of strokes for each tool number and a Total counter counts the total press strokes.


Programmable Limit Switches

6 Programmable Limit Switch Outputs (PLS)

Angle on/Angle off or
Angle on/Time off
operation selection for each output channel.

Speed compensation
This features compensates for the delays associated with external devices such as solenoids as the speed changes.

Multiple dwells per channel
This allows an output to be activated more than once per stroke.

Position and RPM display
This mode displays the current position and speed as well as the current tool number and name.

Brake wear monitor and motion detector
with stopping time display
This function allows the setting of the Brake Wear shutdown time as well the high and low motion speeds. You can also view the actual stopping time of the press.

Resolver Offset function
This is used to align the resolver with the mechanical position of the machine without physically moving the resolver position.

Job storage for 64 jobs
8 character alpha-numeric names can be assigned for each of the 64 programs.

Resolver fault and broken wire detection
A separate relay output that signals a fault with the resolver wiring or operation.


Die Protection Interface Box

Complete with line cord for 120 VAC input
PART NUMBER: 90-005-100

15 VDC output at 1/2 Amp. for typical electronic sensors

Color coded banana jacks for easy sensor attach

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