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NEFF Press D Series
Category: Hydraulic Press
Manufacturer: NEFF

Press .3-4.7 U.S. Tons. Neff Press can provide a solution to many of your precision forming and assembly applications. The flexibility of our manufacturing processes and personnel allows us to modify nearly any feature of our standard machine to accomodate your application.

     Standard Features:
  • Speed control: to meet your production rates, maintain optimal part quality and extend valuable tool life.
  • Position school:  precise closed loop positioning that yields a shut height tolerance of +/-.001 inch.
  • Hydro-Guard press control system.
  • NFPA-79 compliant electrical controls.
  • Industry standard components.
  • Pressure reversal.
  • Hydraulic decompression control.
  • In reservoir hydraulic pump for quiet operation.
  • Stroke batch counters.
  • Programmable energy time saver.

    Optional Features:

  • Press diagnostic system: minimizes troubleshooting and down time.
  • E-Stop and Emergency Return: last resort stop control and ram reversal.
  • Preventative maintenance assistant: continuously monitors oil level, oil temperature and oil filter status.  Alerts operator of potential catastrophic failure of key components to reduce press down time.
  • Unsurpassed safety: meets ANSI B11.2
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