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Category: Press Control - Safety
Manufacturer: Saf-T-Block

A die component manufacturer focusing on special retainers, 3-D details, punches and buttons since 1984. As the largest complete tooling company in Northern Michigan, our highly skilled personnel allow for very competitive rates and rapid delivery.

Many materials are available for use in blocking the RAM and upper die of a press.  However, 6061-T6 Aluminum offers much higher extruded strength per cubic inch of material than other known press safety blocks on the market.  When static load capacity of material is compared, aluminum becomes the clear choice.

 A).  Determine the static load that is to be supported by the safety block:
  1.)  Add the total weight of the slide (RAM) assembly plus upper die and all components.
  2.)  Multiply this number by two (2) for a safety factor.
  3.)  The resulting figure is the amount of static weight that the safety block(s) will have to support.
  4.)  Refer to the size safety block that should be used for load.

 B).  Determine length of required block:
  1.)  Find stroke of press.
  2.)  Depending on how the block is to be used:  With the die closed (stroke down), measure either the space between the upper and lower die OR the space between the slide (RAM) face and the bolster at the point where the block(s) would be placed.
  3.)  Add (1) and (2) together - TOTAL (When measuring consider that the slide is adjustable) 
  4.)  If wedges are to be used, subtract 1 ½" maximum (This is allowance for variation in the stopping point of the crank shaft.)
  5.)  If end caps are ordered, subtract the end cap allowance for the desired size of block.  SB-1 1¼" - SB-2 1¼" - SB-3 1½"
  6.)  If the adjustable screw assembly is ordered, subtract screw and one (1) end cap.
  Add/subtract as directed and the result will be the safety block length to order.

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