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Tee-Lift Quick Die Change System
Category: Quick Die Change
Manufacturer: Lightning Time Savers

For Die Sets Weighing Up to 15 Tons.

Simple, Safe and Practical Air-Lift System Maximizes Die Change Efficiency.
The half turn pnematic die lifting and positioning system has been accepted as one of the most economical and effective production improvement tools in press working.  Half turn quick die change products allow you to expand the production capability of your presses.
Simple Design and Rugged Construction.
Steel lift rails with crowned rollers, which have been cutsom designed to fit into your press, are positioned above the air bags in designated T-slots.  Shop air is injected into air bags raising the rails to the shoulder stop in the T-slots.  The rollers are raised 1/8" above the bolster surface, thereby lifting the die.  When the air is released from the bags, the rails lower, bringing the rollers below the bolster surface and positioning the die on the bolster.  The die weight will determine whether the die can be easily positioned manually or whether mechanical assistance will be required for loading/unloading.  Approximate lift force for the 3/4" Tee-Lift system is 900 lbs/lineal ft. and 1300 lbs/lineal ft. for the 1" Tee-Lift system.
Easy to Operate.
The die is transferred from a hi-lo or die cart to the rails.  The die is then rolled into positon against the preset locator pins.  Next, the die is clamped in place and is ready to run.  the Tee-Lift system greatly enhances both the speed and safety of your die changing operations.
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