SRA2530 - SRA6532 - PA Medium Duty Stock Reels
RS/RD02 - RS/RD60 - Perfecto Heavy Reels and Coil Cars
FES300 - FES700 - Perfecto Feeds I" - 84"
SRF 5 - SRFX 24 - PA Advantage Servo Roll
- Pow Air Air Feed
- Perfecto Stock Straighteners
SRF105M - SRF 320M - PA Mini Servo Roll Feed
SRF 100 - SRF 300 - Ultra Edge Servo Roll Feed
SRF-M12 - SRFX-M48 - PA Magnum Servo Roll Feed
SRFHD-613 - SRFHD-672 - PA Maximus

Perfecto Feeds I" - 84"
Category: Coil Handling
Manufacturer: Perfecto

Designed and manufactured for versatility, dependability, repeatability and virtually maintenance free operation. Perfecto servo roll feeds get you back to stamping faster than any other feed on the market.

Servo Roll Feed Standard Features

  • Centralized control facilitates One-Man operation. 
  • 10’ curly cord Operators remote control. 
  • Power run-in locates stock in the die. 
  • Job storage up to 100 parts. 
  • Micro-Adjustment “On the Fly”. 
  • Fully programmable feed length from .001"– 100", in .001" increments. 
  • Roll position repeatability +/- .002". 
  • Digital readout display records length fed. 
  • RS-232 interface capabilities. 
  • Forward and Reverse (Jog). 
  • Batching. 
  • AC brushless servo motor. 
  • Indramat drives. 
  • Adjustable feed cycle time form 90° to infinity. 
  • Full width feed rolls hardened to Rc62 and ground. 
  • Positive Drive system using Kevlar timing belts. 
  • Upper and Lower rolls driven through full-contact gears. 
  • Permanently sealed, lubricated bearings. 
  • Heavy duty Stock Guides. 
  • Hand wheel adjustment for Stock Guides. 
  • Anti-Backup rolls. 
  • Catenary designed for full material contact. 
  • Dual air cylinders for consistent roll pressure. 
  • Right-to-Left or Left-to-Right feeding. 
  • Ratchet Wrench pass line adjustment +/- 3". 
  • Tie bars on cabinet mounted presses. 
  • Custom engineered adapter plates.

Servo Roll Feed Benefits

  • Job changeovers are accomplished quickly and easily. 
  • Higher production rates. 
  • Built in ergonomics prevent operator fatigue. 
  • AC brushless servo motor provides feed accuracy of +/- .002". 
  • Ergonomically designed control panel allows. operator to enter feeds, speed or part number. 
  • Press mounted or free-standing cabinet models. 
  • Standard sizes designed to feed material. from 1" thru 84" wide.

Versatile Performance

  • Extra long feed lengths. 
  • Short runs with variable feed length requirements. 
  • Blank and draw operations 
  • Cut-to-Length lines. 
  • Roll forming.

Servo Roll Feed Options

  • Motorized Stock Guides. 
  • Entry and Exit double roll feeds. 
  • Recirculating stock lubricator. 
  • Motorized pass line adjustment.
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