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Toledo Tranducers Maximizer TPC
Category: Press Control - Safety
Manufacturer: Toledo Transducers

TPC Series - "Total Press Control" systems...press ancillary equipment automation with clutch/brake control. Now you can have all your automation and clutch/brake control in one box with one interface. This Series was designed to fit your individual needs. From automating and controlling a single press to integrating an entire press line, our TPC Series can work for you.

The TPC Series is offered as a mix and match package or a custom system. The mix and match package is easy to create. Just select one of our PLC-based or fixed automation packages...Press Attendant, Co-Pilot or Maximizer. Add any additional automation or integration. Then, choose your clutch/brake controller from our Press Pilot 100, 200 & 300 Series. Lastly, tell us what type of enclosure you prefer and we can create your system!

If you need a custom system, let us know what you are looking to do. We can create a system that is right for your application. A few options are below.

Features and Options:

  • Clutch/brake controller with protected memory.
  • Meets ANSI B11.1, OSHA 1910.217 and CAN/CSA-Z142-M90.
  • Die protection and PLS.
  • Tonnage Monitoring...two or four channel.
  • Tonnage signatures, enveloping & CCM.
  • Time based brake monitoring.
  • Counterbalance control and display...reduce press wear & be more efficient.
  • Shut-Height control and display...reduce setup time & increase accuracy.
  • Servo feed interface...reduce setup time with job storage.
  • In-Die measurement.
  • Hydraulic overload monitoring.
  • Die clamp, die cushion & bolster monitoring & control.
  • Press lube & bearing temperature monitoring & control.
  • Networking - downtime & production data, live information & scheduling.
  • Preventative Maintenance...see when maintenance was last done, etc.
  • Conveyor, shaker, transfer, destacker and robotic integration.
  • In-Die load monitoring.
  • Bar code/magnetic card reader.
  • Custom hydraulic packages.
  • The options are endless...

Press Attendant TPC:

  • All the features of the Press Attendant with clutch/brake control.
  •  Resolver Based...for durability, accuracy and longevity.

Co-Pilot TPC:

  • All the features of the Co-Pilot with clutch/brake control.
  • Press automation package includes color signatures.
  • Resolver Based...for durability, accuracy and longevity.

Maximizer TPC:

  • All the features of the Maximizer with clutch/brake control.
  • Operator Interface...PC, touch screen or keypad, monochrome or color.
  • Resolver Based...for durability, accuracy and longevity.
  • Expandable and Customizable to your needs.
  • Customized Networking of systems for PC reporting.

Resolvers, T-Stands, Cam Switches, Counterbalance Valves, Air Pressure Switches, Motor Starters/Controls and Dual Solenoid Valves are also available.

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