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PA Advantage Servo Roll
Category: Coil Handling
Manufacturer: PA Industries

Introducing the Ultra Advantage The Ultra Advantage is the newest generation of our Servo Roll Feed family. It uses the new Ultra 5000 servo drive module from Rockwell Automation which gives Ultra Advantage Servo Feed many new features.

Higher Feed Speeds:

The Ultra 5000's faster processor means quicker scanning and updating in the control. These faster processing speeds allow for shorter progressions to be run at higher press speeds. Multiple Job Storage - Storage for up to 200 jobs is standard. Micro Adjust - New parameters allow for micro adjustment of the feed distance as the feed is running. Back Length - Used in Cut-To-Length or Cut-Off applications, this feature backs the material away from the blade allowing the blade to be raised without lifting the fresh cut edge of the material - particularly useful for thin or delicate material.
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