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LSP-PRESPRAY - PresSpray Air-Less Spray Systems

PresSpray Air-Less Spray Systems
Category: In Die Lubrication
Manufacturer: LSP Industries

The PresSpray can handle a full range of lubricants, with the power to drive heavy viscosity oils, and the controls to govern very light lubricants. From spot lubricating a single tool to covering a large panel, there is a PresSpray for any job.

LSP Industries, Inc is a world-class manufacturer of high quality lubrication systems. Products range from PresSpray® Air-Less Spray Systems and FloaterCoater® roller coaters for the metal stamping industry. OptiMist® mist coolant systems serve the machine tool industry.  

Our job is to provide the best quality lubrication systems for a variety of environments from the job shop to automated production environments.  We invite you to talk with our Application Specialists to determining how we can help control your lubricant use and costs.  

Specialty product lines include ExpandaFold® Manifoldable On/Off Valves for easy time-saving manifold solutions, BlastMatic® Air Blow-off Parts Ejection System for simplified part removal, and Replacable Head Soft and Brass Hammers for cost-effective non-marring striking power.
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