- Tee-Lift Quick Die Change System
- LTS Quick Die Change Mobile Die Cart
QDC 101 - QDC 251BH - "Half Turn" QDC Mechanical Clamp

"Half Turn" QDC Mechanical Clamp
Category: Quick Die Change
Manufacturer: Lightning Time Savers

Reduces your clamping time by up to 90%.

The new LTS clamp provides quick clamping at a cost up to 75% less than hydraulic clamping and significantly lower than competing mechanical clamps.  All it takes is one-half turn to securely lock and one-half turn for unlock.
Strong & Lightweight:
Engineered and tested with the highest quality components on the market, the LTS clamp provides clamping forces from 7 to 17 tons.  The clamp also features a lightweight design - the largest clamp weighing only 5.25 lbs.
No Oil Leaks:
The new "Half-Turn" clamp is all mechanical, eliminating the concern for hydraulic oil leaks and possible hazardous waste problems.  And it still reduces overall clamping time by up to 90%.
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