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Pw Plus
Category: Die Protection
Manufacturer: Toledo Transducers

The PressWatch PW PLUS Series is the most advanced benchmark tonnage monitor in the industry today. Sophisticated electronic circuitry makes the monitor extremely easy to understand and use. One operator switch controls the monitor and operating instructions are printed near control. The PW PLUS production monitors are used for many important operations, such as: automatic, progressive dies and basic stamping. It is available as a two or four channel unit for easy plant standardization.


  • Two or four channel display, plus total
  • Displays tonnage & deviation from benchmark
  • Percent of benchmark & percent of capacity setpoints
  • Parts counter counts all parts within the tonnage limits
  • Displays reverse load or snap-through
  • Can view overload counts with PressNet
  • Automatic setpoints based on benchmark tonnage
  • Capacity and working tonnage alarms
  • Low alarms may be disabled
  • Can display calibration numbers
  • Independent left and right, high & low set points
  • Resume feature for coil fed applications
  • Drift controls limit excessive load deviation from hit to hit
  • Set gradual trending limits based on tonnage variances
  • Press overload protection at all times
  • Helps identify off-center tool loading
  • Two or four sensor inputs
  • Analog output jacks
  • RS-485/232 serial port


  • AutoLearn
  • AutoSet keyswitch
  • Door lock
  • Flushmount
  • Auto Target Tonnage Recall
  • Forging anti-noise
  • Time based signatures
  • Pressroom networking
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