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Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor
Category: Conveyers
Manufacturer: OmniMetalcraft Corp

Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors are ideal for transporting loaded pallets, tires, drums, etc. Each roller has two sprockets welded to it and is salved by an adjacent roller. Sizes: 1.9 in. dia. x .145 in. Wall Rollers to 5 in. dia. x 3/4 in. Wall Rollers

  • Effective Widths - 3" to 120" in any increment.
  • Lengths - 1 ft. thru 12 ft. bed sections call for maximum overall length possible with 1 drive package.
  • Speeds - 5-150 FPM fixed or variable speed.
Standard Specifications:
  • Available with - Semi precision or precision internal bearings and flange or pillow block mount external bearings.
  • Please Specify Special EnvironmentalConditions - Hot, cold, wet, dust/dirt, chemicals, explosive, other.
  • Paint - to customer color choice or choose standard colors.
  • Private labeling available on request.
  • Chain Guard - 10 guage formed steel upper and lower.  Lower portion welded to bottom of frame; upper portion bolted to top of side frame to totally enclose drive chain.  Upper portion painted safety yellow.
  • Drive Chain - No. 40, 50, 60, 80, or 100 chain dependent upon chain pull requirements for conveying specified load.
  • Electrical Controls (Optional) - Reversing or non-reversing motor starter mounted and wired or shipped loose.  Additional control devices available.
  • Side Mount Drive - Available mounted high or low.
  • Speed Reduction - Sealed worm gear "C" face speed reducer.
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