2500 - 2 1/2" Pitch Hinged Steel Belt
C50 to RC120 - Chain Transfers
Model 250 - Model 850 - Vibro Industries Air Transporter
BHRE - BHRC - Roller Bed Belt Conveyor
Model WSHC - Gravity Skatewheel Curve Conveyor
- Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor
CVC-100 - CVC-4000 - Continuous Vertical Conveyors
Endura-Vayor - Model 200 Plastic Belt Conveyors
Endura-Vayor - Endura-veyor Magnetic

Continuous Vertical Conveyors
Category: Conveyers
Manufacturer: OmniMetalcraft Corp

Models available for 100, 300, 600, 1200, and 4000 lb. unit loads. Vertical travel up to 80 ft. high. Completely automatic operation.

Required Order Information:
  • Product description, Width and Length, Height and Weight, and Contact Surface.
  • Infeed and Discharge Height (Lift).
  • Maximum Throughput (Units/Minute).
  • Travel Direction (Up, Down, Reversible).
  • Electrical Specifications (Req'd Voltage)
  • Required Chain Speed (This must match infeed and discharge conveyor speeds).
  • Paint color.
Standard Electrical Features:

Includes 8 electrical sensors to signal:

  • Load Fault - will stop CVC if product is not far enough on the platform.
  • Unload Fault - will stop CVC if product is too far back on the platform.
  • Waiting to Unload - will stop CVC when a product is present at exit conveyor and restart when exit conveyor is clear.
  • Infeed Conveyor - will start and stop as needed to properly meter the product.
  • Photoeyes - limit switches and brake motor are wired to NEMA 12 junction boxes.

Optional Control Panel:
  • NEMA 12 enclosure with disconnect.
  • Includes programmable logic controller and starters for the CVC motor and infeed conveyor motor (if infeed motor is supplied).
  • Includes current relay to sense motor current spike in the case of a jam or overloading.
  • Indicator lights include - load fault, over torque fault, unload fault, waiting to unload.
  • PLC program includes energy saving design features.
  • A basic Control Panel package is available on the "Economy Series" CVC-100 model.  This package includes a torque limiting device but does not include load/unload fault indicators.
Built to Last
  • CNC punched side panels for accuracy, better alignment and longer drive component life.
  • Solid roller/solid bushing chain, UNIQUE TO THE INDUSTRY, provides significantly longer life than standard roller chain.
  • Heat treated sprockets for extended life.
  • Sprockets are fixed in position with spacers and locking collars.
  • Heat treated stiff back bars on platform for better wearability.
  • All units are test run prior to shipping.
  • Product remains level during vertical travel, reducing the chance of product toppling.
  • Fail-safe brake will hold the load in the event of a power loss, preventing the products from creeping downward.
  • Torque limiting device protects drive components and the CVC in the event of a production jam.
  • Sheet metal and expanded metal guarding protect personnel from internal moving parts.
  • Transition rollers at infeed and exit provide a smooth transfer onto or off the CVC.
  • Other safety features available when ordering unit with control panel.
Easy to Maintain:
  • Removable guards.
  • Bearing grease fittings are easily accessible.
  • Commonly available standard components.
  • All electrical sensors are easily accessible.
Other Options:
  • Infeed and discharge conveyors.
  • Tunnels at infeed and discharge.
  • Special brand of motors, bearings, reducers and electrical components.
  • Stand-by drives.
  • Centralized lube.
  • Chain oilers.
  • Service platforms.
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