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Powered Turntables
Category: Press Room Accessories
Manufacturer: OmniMetalcraft Corp

Capacities 1000 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. Light and Heavy Duty Models. 90, 180, 270 or 360 degree rotation. Outer Dia./Top Plate thickness - 60 in. / 3/8 in. to 120 in. / 1 1/2in.

Standard Specifications:
  • Base Frame - Heavy duty welded structural channel or tube provides rigid support for table top and table top supports in both light and heavy duty models.
  • Top Plate - Rigid, flat sheet top plate provides clean work surface.  Turntables can be equipped with a conveyor deck, per customer specifications.  Other options available.
  • Rotation - Standard table rotations of 90, 180, 270 or 360 degrees.  Other rotations are available upon request.
  • Drive - Chain drive located either underneath or externally on powered turntables.  Sealed worm gear "C" face reducer powered by 230/460V, 3 Ph., 60 Hz brake motor.  Drive is protected by torque limiter on the reducer shaft.  Gear drives are an option with the use of rotary bearing, as well as air/hydraulic cylinders for 90 degrees.
  • Stops - Adjustable rubber bumper stops where applicable on powered units allow positioning of table top and absorb shock upon stopping.
  • Limit switches or proximity switches to determine position of table top.
  • A slip ring to route power through center of table to rotating deck of turntable.  A slip ring may affect the minimum height adjustment of table.
  • Rotary union to route air or hydraulic oil to rotating deck of turntable.  Rotary unions may affect the minimum height of table.
  • Inverter duty motor, air motor, hydraulic motor.
  • Gravity transition rollers are standard on units that incorporate a conveyor deck.  These transition rollers, which are attached to the rotating part of the turntable, are used to assist in supporting products during the transition from adjoining conveyor to the turntable.  Powered transition rollers are also available to aid problem products.  Fixed transition rollers can also be mounted to adjoining conveyor.
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