View Details NCP Series C Frame Single Crank
NCP Series C Frame Single Crank
Category: Mechanical Press
Manufacturer: United Power Press

Press 220 U.S. Tons. An efficient and extremely accurate compact power press. It is designed for easy operation and maintenance. The reliable over-run and over load device, elevate operator safety and prolong die life. Combine with automatic feeding system can increase quantity of products and cost down.

Welcome to Southern Industrial Automation Equipment, Inc. We are your single source for Industrial Press Equipment, Machinery & Safety Controls.
We are equipped to supply and install safety controls including Brake Guarding, Ligh Curtains, Press Control Systems and Safety Blocks. We adhere to OSHA and ANSI standards.
From Die Lubrication to Lift Tables, Southern Industrial Equipment provides automation necessary to operate mechanical and hydraulic press machinery.

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