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The Vibro Air-Operated Transporter is the right choice for linear scrap removal from punch presses, lathes and other automatic multi-functional machine tools. The principle behind the Vibro Air-Operated Transporter design is its pneumatic cylinder.
2-1/2 inch Pitch Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are ideal for applications handling steel chips, turnings, parts or stampings which typically require material to be removed from press or lathe type machinery into a scrap container.
Our Model 200 plastic belt conveyors boast a sturdy, 10 gauge, modular frame design for bulk and parts handling applications. By utilizing the Intralox® 400 and 800 series belting, we can be confident in providing a style to fit your customers needs. Live load capacities range from 400 -1800 lbs. The model 200 plastic belt conveyor from Endura-Veyor is designed to meet, or exceed, your customers expectations and can maximize their return on investment.
Endura-Veyor Magnetic Slide Conveyors feature an oil-filled UHMW chain guide which requires no lubrication, a watertight submersible frame, an automatic die spring take-up device, a 12 gauge stainless steel bed, heavy-duty oversized roller chain and powerful ceramic #8 magnet assemblies enclosed in stainless steel. This conveyor has no external moving parts (except for the drive), is easily installed and is virtually maintenance free!
Gravity Skatewheel Curve Conveyors are compatible with straight sections, providing flexibility to your conveyor line. Differential action of the wheels insures proper orientation of packages.
Models available for 100, 300, 600, 1200, and 4000 lb. unit loads. Vertical travel up to 80 ft. high. Completely automatic operation.
Roller Bed Belt Conveyors provide a versatile means of handling products of various sizes and shapes. Roller bed design provides for increased capacity with lower power requirements. Load capacities 1300 lbs. to 10800 lbs.
Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyors are ideal for transporting loaded pallets, tires, drums, etc. Each roller has two sprockets welded to it and is salved by an adjacent roller. Sizes: 1.9 in. dia. x .145 in. Wall Rollers to 5 in. dia. x 3/4 in. Wall Rollers
Chain Transfers are used to transfer products 90° onto an adjacent conveyor. They are ideal for pallets or other products with a sturdy conveying surface. 500 lbs. - 8000 lbs.
Featured Products
Model 200 Plastic Belt Conveyors
Industrial Automation

Our Model 200 plastic belt conveyors boast a sturdy, 10 gauge, modular frame design for bulk and parts handling applicat

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NCP Series C Frame Single Crank
Industrial Automation

Press 28 U.S. Tons. An efficient and extremely accurate compact power press. It is designed for easy operation and mai

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