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The standard MERLIN consists of a control and a set of columns (one transmitter and one receiver) and a set of interconnecting cables. The MERLIN will also accept multiple sets of columns per control box to protect more than one side. Thus, the benefit of reducing the cost for an application like guarding straight-side presses, etc.
The Merlin MT 3000 Controllers are designed to operate with the Merlin “T” Series Light Curtain Columns.The Merlin MT 3000 Controllers are designed to operate with the Merlin “T” Series Light Curtain Columns.
The very user-friendly operator interface has a 4-line LCD readout that is easy to read and displays complete fault messages and operator prompting. ISB RBPC Controls can accommodate multiple palm button stations and electric foot switches. Modes of operation, such as, Inch, Timed Inch, Single Stroke, Auto-Continuous, Auto Single Stroke (for feed lead press applications), and Kwik Trip are included. A brake monitoring system as well as Light Curtain and barrier guard circuitry is standard. RBPC units can be used in English or Spanish language modes.
TPC Series - "Total Press Control" ancillary equipment automation with clutch/brake control. Now you can have all your automation and clutch/brake control in one box with one interface. This Series was designed to fit your individual needs. From automating and controlling a single press to integrating an entire press line, our TPC Series can work for you.
Standard Sizes: 18" x 24" - 48" x 48".
A die component manufacturer focusing on special retainers, 3-D details, punches and buttons since 1984. As the largest complete tooling company in Northern Michigan, our highly skilled personnel allow for very competitive rates and rapid delivery.
The newly redesigned ISB Sof-Touch-2 Palm Button replacement is the gentle way to initiate your machine's cycle. Sof-Touch-2 is a totally self-contained direct replacement for conventional mechanical spring loaded palm buttons. Sof-Touch-2 ergonomic palm buttons require no physical pressure to initiate a machine cycle, therefore they substantially reduce repetitive motion trauma such as carpal tunnel syndrome
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PA Maximus
Industrial Automation

The robust frame is designed for feeding material up to half an inch thick. A heavy-duty servomotor and gearbox, drive t

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A Precision Roller Coater for both Heavy and Light Gauge Metals. Size ranges from 12" Stock 16 Gauge Stainless Steel wi

Metform Profile Welded Lines
Industrial Automation

Applications: Automotive Components, Racking/Shelving, and Construction.

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