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Sized for small tonnage presses.
The robust frame is designed for feeding material up to half an inch thick. A heavy-duty servomotor and gearbox, drive the massive six-inch diameter rolls providing optimum pulling power, speed and accuracy.
Designed and manufactured for versatility, dependability, repeatability and virtually maintenance free operation. Perfecto servo roll feeds get you back to stamping faster than any other feed on the market.
Introducing the Ultra Advantage The Ultra Advantage is the newest generation of our Servo Roll Feed family. It uses the new Ultra 5000 servo drive module from Rockwell Automation which gives Ultra Advantage Servo Feed many new features.
The Edge series was developed in response to the contract stampers need for an electronic servo feed at a reasonable cost. Set up is quick and simple. Just enter your feed progression and speed. Constant Up-Time is achieved through the use of reliable, brushless AC Servo drives. Feed length accuracy is assured by the closed loop, encoder feedback circuit.
The P/A Magnum is Robust in Size and Construction. The Roll Feed frame is machined from a stabilized casting for strength, rigidity, and precision. Feed rolls are fabricated from heavy wall alloy steel tubing. A press mounting bracket with plus or minus 2" vertical adjustment is included as standard equipment.
Straightener models are available with 5 to 21 rolls of 1.7" through 5.5" diameters.
Featured Products
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Platform Base or Solid Base.

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